Account Access

As a value added service, Nelson Securities, Inc. provides our clients with online access to their investment accounts including Managed Accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional, Curian Capital, Direct Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities.

To ensure all of your Direct Fund accounts and Variable Annuity contracts remain linked to Nelson Securities for additional support, be sure to contact your Representative or download Forms and Applications only from the Forms page on our web site when opening new accounts or updating information. Not all of our recommended fund families or variable annuity companies offer online access; however, as they do we will make that access available.

For your protection, each company requires a User ID/Login Name and Password or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access your account(s), which must be established prior to your first use.  Instructions on how to establish a User ID/Login Name and Password/PIN are found on each company’s login page that is reached by clicking on each company’s name listed below. 

Managed Accounts

TD Ameritrade Institutional
For Online Account Access, you can set up access directly at TD Ameritrade Institutional's Secure Advisor Client website. Click on the "Get Started" link and follow the instructions. You will need your TD Ameritrade Institutional Account number and your Zip Code. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to set up Security Questions and reset your UserID and Password. Online Account Access at TD Ameritrade Institutional is for viewing account information only.
TDA's Technical Services are available at 800-431-3500 Option 3 or call your Nelson Advisor for help at 800-345-7593.

Direct Mutual Funds

American Funds

The Hartford 




Columbia Funds (Seligman, RiverSource, Threadneedle)

Lord Abbett


529 College Savings Plans

Alliance CollegeBoundfund

CollegeAmerica (American Funds)

Hartford Smart529

John Hancock Freedom 529

MFS 529 College Savings Plan

Brokerage Services

RBC Correspondent Services

Variable Annuities

The Hartford Director & Director Access

Lincoln National American Legacy II

Lincoln ChoicePlus Assurance

Jackson National Life

John Hancock Venture

Nationwide Best of America IV/ Vision

Nationwide BOA America’s Future/ Exclusive II


If you need assistance, please contact one of our Registered Representatives at 1-800-345-7593, Set an Appointment , or send an E-mail using the E-Mail Center .